Canna Business Services provides solutions to entrepreneurs interested in ethically offering medical marijuana to communities and deserving individuals across Florida.


Canna Business Services was created to help organizations and business owners open and regulate Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers across Florida by offering consulting, marketing and legal services.

As this is the first time medical marijuana will be offered in the state, we’re helping entrepreneurs traverse the soon-to-be-created regulatory framework and application process in order to be successful. It’s anticipated that there will be a $145.7 million short-term impact to Florida’s state budget and nearly $300 million in the long run. Jobs in a variety of industries, including building, security and business sectors, will be available as a result of Amendment 2.

Canna Business Services has been, and will continue to be, on the forefront of helping lawmakers and local decision makers understand the impact decisions in Tallahassee will have on the state.


We believe

dispensaries should be freestanding buildings and advocate for expanded licenses.


We applaud

the efforts taken by lawmakers to reflect the will of the residents of Florida and approve legislation designed to guide the Florida Department of Health in its rule-making process.


We’re confident

that this legislation will help guide the Florida Department of Health its rule-making process and we’ll continue to be an advocate and resource to those interested in learning more.